We are developing and manufacturer company of ultrasonic equipment for welding solutions, cutting, sealing and cleaning.

We are specialized in: 

  • Ultrasonic assembly of rigid thermoplastic components    
  • cutting and sealing of synthetic textiles
  • welding and cutting of film and fleece

Please have a look at ultrasonic videos from this link.


Ritmacon Oy designs and manufactures custom made sonotrodes and -jigs which can be fit to most of the ultrasonic welders on the market.


Sonotrodes Food cutting Rapala lure



  • ABW35Picture: Automatic Blister Welder ABW35 
  • Purpose: Welding of blister packages or the like.
  • Easy to operate, easy to integrate into automation lines. 

Suitable for PET/PETE, PETG, PE, PP, PVC and PVA.   

We are also the representative of Swiss company Rinco Ultrasonics in Finland and Estonia.